Rise of The Ageless Starman

Brainstorming on AI & Data privacy - Didier Coeurnelle, Co-chair Heales

August 31, 2021

Didier Coeurnelle is one of the most active people in the longevity community, With the Heales organization where he is Co-chair they donated twice a $25,000 donation to rat plasma transfusion trial and they host events and promote longevity science. Check up Their next event on the 9th of September where they will discuss Big Data, A.I., and Healthy Longevity.

We brainstormed on the challenges that data privacy shares referring to medical research and Didier explained about their Donations to  Dr. Rodolfo Goya Study and to Dr. Harold Katcher study.

Heales is the first sponsor of the LongHack2021, a longevity hackathon that is on a mission to spread the work on longevity science around the world.




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