Rise of The Ageless Starman

Telomerase therapy - Dr. Micheal Fossel

December 10, 2020

Some people see Alzheimer drug development as the graveyard of biotech companies, For Dr. Fossel it's the opportunity to discover life itself and start working on a model that can intervene in the aging process and might even reverse the clock. Dr. Fossel the driving force behind Telocyte has been the leader in proposing the use of telomerase to treat human disease for the past two decades. He is one of the most experienced researcher in the field of aging and age related diseases both in industry, lab and clinical. Micheal explained his model to cure Alzheimer and why interfering in micro galia cells is the effective way to move forward. What is important to know about telomere shortening, who are the team members that support his work at Telocyte and much more. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about aging from one of the masters of our times.

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