Rise of The Ageless Starman

Under Construction - Dr. Deborha Toiber BGU

October 9, 2020

Imagine a substances inside the body with the ability to repair it's own DNA damage, sounds like science fictions? join me and Dr. Debi Toiber and discover the wonders of Sirt6 enzyme. Dr. Toiber lab discovered that SIRT6 is an enzyme that recognizes DNA damage and allows its repair, SIRT6 acts as a sensor of Double strand breaks, and in its absence DNA damage accumulates faster, leading to diseases. In our chat we have touched how her lab is working to understand better the relationship between the aging process and Sirt6 enzyme and how it is behaving in the body, those efforts and their animal model can open a window of opportunity for the study of sporadic (age related) neurodegeneration and point us to future novel treatments.

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